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The members of BioChambers’ highly skilled and creative teams, our Client Service Team and our Production Team, are committed to providing the best plant growth chambers and rooms in the world.

Quality and Innovation

"Integrity . . . They make it a personal mission to ensure customer satisfaction."
- Current customer

"A complete company; sales, product, service and they backup their products including warranty. Customer service is tremendous."
- Current customer

Who is BioChambers?

Founded by Charlie Lamont in 1973, BioChambers is a manufacturer of chambers and rooms for the study of plant growth, tissue culture, environmental studies, and other life sciences. In the 40 years since, BioChambers has become a leading supplier to universities, private industry, and government agencies in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, China, and in many other counties around the world.

Our Focus . . . Customer Satisfaction.

Quality products.

BioChambers only uses the highest quality parts on all products

ISO LogoWe are an ISO 9001:2015
certified company

Excellent service.

All equipment pre-tested and run-in at the factory
Years 1 and 2 - warranty parts and labour
Years 3, 4, and 5 - remote diagnostics from the factory at no charge
Extended Warranties available on all products

Innovative designs.

Low temperature research
FLEX™ chambers and rooms
Climate change research
BIGFOOT™ chambers (Tall Plant, Short Plant, Tissue Culture)
Options available for lighting, airflow, humidity, containment, CO2, Irrigation, custom dimensions and more
VNET™ touch-screen controller and software
VNET multi-viewer allows control of multiple chambers at once from your office
Optional long-life display

CONTROL your research

BioChambers proprietary controller systems allow for state of the art accurate control of light, temperature, airflow, humidity, CO2, watering and other options.

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Advance your knowledge

Have questions about what type of specific equipment can help you get the results you're after? BioChambers is here to help.

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Customize your chamber

BioChambers Growth Chambers and Rooms are available with a variety of accessories and built in options.

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