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Environmental chambers and rooms are specifically designed to provide uniform environmental conditions. They are ideal
for incubation and for entomology

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ENC-19 Chamber

Interior Area: 3.7m² (2-tier),
   5.5m² (3-tier), 7.2m² (4-tier),
Interior Height: 865mm (2-tier),
   560mm (2-tier), 400mm (2-tier)
Lighting: Working Lights
Dimensions: 2540mmW x 890mmD x 2820mmH

BioChambers chambers and rooms are available with a full full range of options to suit your research needs and sizes to give you the largest growth area within the available space in your lab. For an "at-a-glance" way to find what equipment is right for you, download the single sheet BioChambers Environmental Brochure.

CONTROL your research

BioChambers proprietary controller systems allow for state of the art accurate control of light, temperature, airflow, humidity, CO2, watering and other options.

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Advance your knowledge

Have questions about what type of specific equipment can help you get the results you're after? BioChambers is here to help.

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Customize your chamber

BioChambers Growth Chambers and Rooms are available with a variety of accessories and built in options.

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