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Quality and Innovation
Partnering with Researchers

Since its inception in the early 1970s, BioChambers has worked closely with researchers to innovate, and deliver results to research.


Improving the efficiency of photosynthesis and nitrogen use

Professors Asaph Cousins and Mechthild Tegeder and their labs at Washington State University (Pullman) are not afraid to tackle challenging research questions, digging deep into the details of photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism.

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From Seed to Species

A journey through botanical research at Washington State University’s School of Biological Sciences (Pullman) parallels the physiology, ecology, and evolution of a plant itself.

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Dissecting dormancy and cold tolerance in Vitis spp. at Harvard University.

Dr. Al Kovaleski is helping secure grape (Vitis spp.) production into the future through innovative research on grapevine dormancy and cold tolerance.

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How elevated CO2 concentrations and temperatures will affect potato crops are unclear.

Professor Courtney Leisner and her colleagues have confronted this challenge head on with the help of their BioChambers.

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Having one of the largest plant growth facilities in academia, BioChambers is honored to serve MSU and Professor Sharkey.

For decades, Professor Sharkey has led our understanding of stomatal conductance and CO2 assimilation, isoprene emissions, and abiotic stress tolerance.

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Innotech Alberta - Vegreville Facility

Growing through environmental stresses like cool soil temperatures, frost and drought is a lot to ask from a seed. InnoTech Alberta is pitching in to help plant breeders find improved stress resistance.

A state-of-the-art BioChambers environmental chamber at its Vegreville facility can precisely simulate field conditions including combinations of frost, drought, or heat.

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History of the Bigfoot™

BioChambers innovated with the University of Toronto to create the Bigfoot™.

Working with Dr. Sage, this Bigfoot innovation enabled his research team to grow sufficient replicates of a wide range of plants.

The Bigfoot design continues to this day to define the industry standard.

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Versatility of the BioRoom™

BioChambers, with the help of the University of Manitoba, developed the first-of-their-kind walk-in plant growth rooms.

The resulting rooms provided the University of Manitoba with large growth areas, and enabled them to study on the effects of temperature on Canola growth and development

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CONTROL your research

BioChambers proprietary controller systems allow for state of the art accurate control of light, temperature, airflow, humidity, CO2, watering and other options.

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Advance your knowledge

Have questions about what type of specific equipment can help you get the results you're after? BioChambers is here to help.

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Customize your chamber

BioChambers Growth Chambers and Rooms are available with a variety of accessories and built in options.

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